Marcia Ninfea, glamour bard (DnD character)
Marcia Ninfea, glamour bard (DnD character)

Marcia Ninfea is a half-elf and she always knew that she was born to shine. Her mother was a noblewoman of Waterdeep and her father was an eladrin. She never knew her father and it was one of many reasons to find her way into Feywild.
Unfortunately, she was lost in faerie world and after long and dark lonely journey in the forest, she started to sing because she was so scared to be there alone. Spring nymphs were attracted by it and became friends with Marcia. She learned a lot from them and happily spent a year with them.
She didn't know that time flows differently in Feywild. When she returned back home, she was shocked to find out that her mother had already died fifty years ago and another family was living in her house.
Marcia felt like the loneliest person in the world and had nowhere to go to, but her singing was about to save her once again...

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